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Alumni Welcome

The alumni of The ITC are critical and valuable resources connecting the past, present, and future of The ITC.  As a shared resource with celebrated denominational and ecumenical loyalties, alumni of The ITC participate in recruitment, continuing and extension education, event planning and implementation, and fund raising.  They support the ITC through unrestricted giving, scholarship programs, other designated gifts, and gifts toward building institutional endowment.

Alumni advocacy on behalf of The ITC balances the institutional investment in preparing alumni who serve the world as college presidents, professors, bishops and other denominational officers, pastors, chaplains, government officials, and community leaders.  Increasing in number and influence, alumni of The ITC embody the institutional mission through providing compassionate Christian service and leadership in the public arena for the common good.

The Office of Alumni Relations serves a facilitating role between alumni and The ITC, and among alumni through fostering the reciprocal relationships necessary for alumni involvement in the ongoing activities of The ITC and its participation in the continuing personal and professional development of alumni.  Through board and committee participation, alumni provide valuable insights into the development of the strategic position their alma mater holds in theological education worldwide.  Communications and publications of The ITC endeavor to highlight alumni achievement and share their success stories with broadening publics with interest in and of interest to the Institution.

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